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James Garfield Biography - United States Army Major General, U.S.

Sunday, February 10, 2013 | 0 comments

James Garfield
James Abram Garfield (born in Moreland Hills, Ohio, 19 November 1831 - died in Elberon (Long Branch), New Jersey, 19 September 1881 at the age of 49 years) was a United States Army major general, U.S. Congressman, President of the United States a to-20. With the term of office in 1881 for four months. He was killed during his tenure and was replaced by his deputy, Chester Arthur.

James Garfield was born on 19 November 1831 in a cottage in the state of Ohio. He was the youngest of four children. [Citation needed] His father, a farmer, died when Garfield was two years old. Garfield then worked on the farm until he was 16 years old and then went to a city near his village and work on a canal boat.

Government and military career
His income from the work on the ship he used to finance his education
In 1856, he graduated from high school and become a guru in the field of language and ancient literature for three years.
In 1859 at the age of 28 years, Garfield was elected to the state Senate representing the Ohio Republican Party.
In 1861, when the Civil War broke out in the United States, James Garfield resigned from politics for a volunteer army regiment helped establish the United States. [Citation needed] Garfield was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel regiment even though he had no military experience at all. Shortly after rising to the rank of Colonel, and at the age of 31 years he became a Brigadier General, and Major-General two years later.
Garfield in 1863 put an end to his military career when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives members, and continues to be re-elected for 18 consecutive years. He became prominent Republicans in Congress.
In 1880, Garfield was elected to the U.S. Senate, the same year he became the Republican presidential nominee. Garfield was never a senator because he went on to win the presidential election by a margin of 10,000 votes.
Garfield came from the Republican Party and was accompanied by Chester A. Arthur as vice president.

Presidency and death
In 1881, four months after he was sworn in as president, President James Garfield was shot at the train station in Washington DC by people with mental disorders who want up to become government employees. President James Garfield actually planned development programs on a large scale, but the plan take three months off sick with it. During Gunshot wound, he was never to recover again. President James Garfield breathed his last on 19 September 1881. His position as president and was replaced by his deputy, CA Arthur.

James Garfield facts
James Garfield facts
The United States has many intelligent presidents, but some of them tend to like to demonstrate their intelektualiatas. U.S. President James Garfield to-20 (shown in the picture above eagle riding) like to show off at parties with a unique trick. He would write in Latin with one hand, while at the same time writing Ancient Greek with the other.

James A. Garfield Quotes
James Garfield Quotes

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.
A brave man is a man who dares to look the Devil in the face and tell him he is a Devil.
He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.
The civil service can never be placed on a satisfactory basis until it is regulated by law.
The President is the last person in the world to know what the people really want and think.
Nobody but radicals have ever accomplished anything in a great crisis.
Ideas control the world.
I am a poor hater.
Poverty is uncomfortable; but nine times out of ten the best thing that can happen to a young 
man is to be tossed overboard and compelled to sink or swim. 
If you are not too large for the place you occupy, you are too small for it. 
I love to deal with doctrines and events. The contests of men about men I greatly dislike. 
I am trying to do two things: dare to be a radical and not a fool, which is a matter of no small difficulty.

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