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Have you ever looked at photo-photo keepsake of your already worn dusty whether it's about your parents, your childhood and climbed the ladder of success, or even about your children are beautiful.

Would you like to have an 'album' memories are not only scattered pictures yet because no less emotionless narrative beautifully told.
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We realize that the real great people it's not JUST them. Indeed, everyone has the opportunity, potential and capacity similar to those we have mentioned above.
Only problem is they recorded his activities might well publicized in the media. Thus, recording the history of his life and then viewed by some people to be very important the public.

But, did you know that anyone actually had the opportunity to WRITTEN, TO COMMUNICATE, TELLING how the greatness of your daily life.

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Nirvana Biography - The Legend Of Rock

Nirvana Biography
Nirvana Biography
Biographyany - Nirvana is the name of a band from the town of Aberdeen, Washington, United States, and then eventually they get success in the city of Seattle, United States, known for its grunge music stream, or also known as the Seattle Sound. The band has many loyal followers or fans in Indonesia, especially in the underground music community.

Nirvana began to tune, and was known to the world since the release of their album called Nevermind, the singles were championed the Smells Like Teen Spirit, this makes them get a single trophy The Best Alternative / Rock Band, and had sat on the first pitch in the American Billboard. Consist of Nirvana Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain, and Dave Grohl. The band broke up after Kurt Cobain committed suicide due to an overdose of cocaine after sucking the place of residence in 1994.

The group formed in Washington, USA, 1987. Led by frontman Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic were filling bass and Dave Grohl as a drummer, the group release their first album in 1989 under an indie label.
In 1991, Nirvana signed to major label DGC and release their second album Nevermind. DGC can expect the album to sell at least 250 thousand copies. But the opposite happened. Success Smells Like Teen Spirit boost sales to 400 thousand copies in just one week.

Trying to repeat the success of the first album, titled second album In Utero was released 2 years later. Unfortunately prestige second album is not as bright as the first.
8 April 1994 is the end of history when his motorcycle Nirvana Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle Washington. Some still had their compilation album was released a few years later. Estimated Nirvana has sold at least 50 million copies of their albums worldwide.

Nirvana Biography
Nirvana is the bearer stream Grunge music, was born in the city of Aberdeen Washington United States, and eventually they find success in the U.S. city of Seattle. Their success in Seattle makes this group called the Seattle Sound. The band has many loyal followers or fans around the world, including in Indonesia, which used to make the song, titled Smells Like Teen Spirit was topped the Billboard charts for two years.
The premiere of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic occurred in March 1987 which also menasbihkan initial formation consisting of Nirvana Kurt Cobain (vocals & guitar), Krist Novoselic (bass) and a drummer named Aaron Burckhard. At the end of 1987, Aaron Burckhard out of Nirvana. Beginning in 1988, a position filled by drummer Chad Channing and Jason Everman joined as a second guitarist. Jason Everman came out in mid-1989 followed by the release of Chad Channing did in 1990. After several changes drummer, Dave Grohl finally entered as a drummer in 1990.

At that time they had not used the name Nirvana there are many names that they use at the beginning of their career and they take turns wearing it at every concert.
Nirvana name emerged in 1988 when Kurt found the name of a television show that aired on midnight Buddhism program, which means achieving perfection.

They made their first single, "Love Buzz", which was released by a small independent label Sub Pop Records. Nirvana growing popularity in Seattle, and they released their debut album, Bleach.
In November 1988 the first single Love Buzz Nirvana was released on a limited circle Kurt himself who then handed one to her coffee for diputar.Setelah KCMU radio that Kurt immediately listen to the radio and after many hours of nervous because the song was played by Kurt should immediately call from a public telephone and requesting the song itself then later one song airs biggest irony of a Rock Star at the beginning of his career itself was requesting a song on the radio

In early 1991 The band moved labels from Sub Pop to the DGC (David Geffen Company) a major label with a wider distribution and greater funding one of the most successful orbits Guns N Roses.Nirvana DGC are also joining the Gold Mountain an artist management company in which Sonic Youth , the admired contemporary punk band bernaung.Nirvana Kurt went on his way by releasing a second album called Nevermind was recorded in May 1991 and was completed a month later.


Initially, DGC Records hopes to sell 250,000 copies of Nevermind. However, the album's first single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" quickly gained momentum, thanks in part to significant of the song played music videos on MTV. When they toured Europe in late 1991, the band found that the shows were dangerously oversold, that television crews became a constant presence on stage, and that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is almost ubiquitous on radio and music television. By Christmas 1991, Nevermind was selling 400,000 copies per week in the United States. On January 11, 1992, the album reached number one on the Billboard album charts, displacing Michael Jackson's album Dangerous. The album also topped the charts in various countries around the world. Cobain entered as one of the best songwriters of his generation at the age of 24.

This is the legendary and phenomenal album which later catapulted Nirvana into the universe of names of international music songs contained on this album tells the story of lead singer Tobi Vail girl punk band Bikini Kill, women who are highly favored Kurt even during the year 1990-1991. Almost all the songs that made always talked about Tobi, however Tobi was not able to fully accept Kurt.Kurt finally close to a woman named Courtney Love Hole vocalist of post punk and in the span of this year also continued to accompany live Kurt heroin.
Nevermind was released on 24 September 1991 album bercover unexpected picture of a baby who was diving has sold up to 500,000 keping.Pada Helloween day, October 31, 1991 Nirvana was awarded a gold record at this point that the entire radio America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Brazil and in other countries with simultaneous continuous play single Smells Like Teen Spirit.Kurt now no longer need to call the radio begging song video clip played Smells Like Teen Spirit had entered the air with the highest frequency in early 1992.

In Indonesia alone, the popularity of Nirvana successfully compete with the popularity of Guns N Roses, Metallica and Sepultura that at times it is very popular in January Indonesia. But Kurt was also addicted to heroin increasingly parah.Dalam a photocall Kurt could not even stand up straight and just bent over and menerus.Momen of this kind will continue to recur and coloring sheets career next Nirvana. Meanwhile, in April 1992 Nirvana for the first time appeared on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine.
Meanwhile, in July, Nevermind finally thrown out of the Billboard charts after entrenched there for nearly two out of the Billboard tahu.Ketika Nevermind has reached sales of 8 million copies worldwide.
Nirvana released the album In Utero was released in September 1993. The lyrics are very personal struggle of hidup.Nirvana also embarked on a tour to Europe and start the concert MTV Unplugged in New York and Europe in the winter of 1993.

On 3 March in Rome Italy at the five-star hotel Exelcior Kurt back parah.Ini overdose suicide attempt Kurt is the first looks of the piece of paper in the hands of Kurt in letter writing as Hamlet itu.Kurt I had to choose between life and death and I choose mortality events were spread among music media and fans around the world had even CNN reported that Kurt Cobain was dead.
Yet Kurt still followed the advice people - those closest to taking the program rehabilitasi.Pada March 30, 1994 Kurt flew to Los Angeles to attend the program at the Exodus Recovery Center recovery rehab for a drug addiction - drugs, but this only lasted two hari.Kurt run away and go buy a plane ticket to go back home to Seattle.

Meanwhile, Courtney panicked when he heard news of the escape Kurt.Ia afraid something bad will happen to Kurt for a few days before flying to Los Angeles to enter rehab Kurt reportedly had bought a gun at a gun store in Seattle. Kurt arrived at his home early Saturday 2 April 1994.Dia had met Michael Cali and Jessica Hopper bertuga two people who keep house together while Frances Courtney was in Los Angeles who was doing promo for the band's latest album, and track down Kurt.
After coming to the United States, Cobain became a hermit, he spent a lot of time alone with addiction narkobanya, getting worse and worse, and out of the clinic to the healing process, and often he escaped from the clinic because it is not strong and feel more crazy by his addiction.

Finally, 5 April, 1994, in a guest house behind their house in Seattle, Kurt Cobain committed suicide. He put the gun to his mouth and Shot, killing him instantly. He left a suicide note addressed to the fans, as well as his wife and daughters. Although the police officially declared her death by suicide, but there are some irregularities and possibly involved in the death of Cobain's Love, for evidence that had used her credit card spending, while Cobain was declared dead when the transaction is done. and nirvana have down


Thomas Jefferson Biography - President 3 Of United State

Thomas Jefferson Biography
Thomas Jefferson Biography
Biographyany - Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell in Albemarle County, Virginia on 13 April 1743, the son of the plantation owner kaya.Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He is also famous for being the lead author of the Declaration of Independence and the founder of the Republican Party. Jefferson, the predecessor of today's Democratic Party. Thomas Jefferson had Enlightenment ideals such as democracy, the rights of states, limited Federal government, and the separation of church and state.

Thomas Jefferson inherited his father's property at the time of his death in 1757 and built his home, Monticello. Thomas Jefferson received an excellent education at local schools, studying Latin, Greek, French, history, and science. At age 16, he attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, graduating with top honors after two years before going to law school. He was admitted to the bar at the age of 24 years.
Thomas Jefferson married Martha Wayles Skelton a in 1772, and the couple had five daughters and one son born to die. Martha died in 1782, and Jefferson never remarried, although recent DNA evidence proved that he was the father of at least some of the six children of his slave, Sally Hemings.

Thomas Jefferson served as a lawyer in the House of Burgesses Virginia, the colonial legislature, and later at the House of Virginia. He wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson was very prolific in making many improvements judicial system and education in Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson was governor of Virginia from 1779 to 1781. He also served as Secretary of State for George Washington and Vice President John Adams. Thomas Jefferson was elected president in 1800.
Thomas Jefferson

Before becoming president, Thomas Jefferson also became, among other

  • Members of the House of Representatives State of Virginia (1776-79)
  • Virginia Governor Patrick Henry's successor in 1779 and re-elected in 1780 but resigned in 1781 due to attack British troops in Virginia. In his tenure he wrote the statute of religious freedom (The Statute of Religious Freedom)
  • American ambassador to France (1785-89)
  • Secretary of State under President George Washington in 1789.


The American people remember Thomas Jefferson at the Jefferson Memorial building in Washington DC which officially opened to the public on June 26, 1934.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson allegedly impregnated his slave, a black woman named Sally Hemmings. Based on DNA tests taken from descendants of Jefferson and Sally Hemmings is widely acknowledged that at least one, or even to six children Sally Hemmings was the son of Thomas Jefferson as well.

Events during presidency

  • 1801

March 4 Jefferson became the first president who was inaugurated in Washington DC

  • 1803

February 24 the Supreme Court in the case of Marbury vs. Madison, for the first time in the history of the state that a congressional act (laws issued by Congress) is not legally valid.
May 2 American purchased Louisiana from France (EUR 828 000 (square miles / square meter) with a price of $ 15 million dollars. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the (Far West - American West?), Exploration continued until 1806.

  • 1804

July 12 Alexander Hamilton died from injuries he sustained during a duel with Aaron Burr day before.
25 September Twelfth Amendment separation deciding ballot for president and vice president elections electoral (electoral college).

  • 1805

Decision by Essex (admiralty) The British destroyed the principle of broken voyage; England began to hold American ships carrying goods and the French and Spanish; confiscation of the goods and the arrest by British ships on behalf of the state increases.
1806 Burr Conspiracy; Gen. James Wilkinson will warn Jefferson Aaron Burr accused expedition will build a kingdom in the west of Spain.
February 19, 1807 Aaron Burr was arrested.
1 Septemer 1807 Aaron Burr was sentenced for the crime of treason.

  • 1807

December 14 Non-Importation Act (refusal of import laws) declared as the resistance to the British.
Navigate with the steamship Clermont-owned commercial purposes named Robert Fulton launched for the first time.
December 22 Embargo Act (embargo laws) prohibiting American ships to go into the territorial waters of other countries.
1808 officially banned slave imports.
December 7 terpiih James Madison was president.
1809 Non-Intercourse Act (issued as laws banning a relationship) applies to prohibit trade with Britain and France; officially withdrawn embargo laws.

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.
Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.
Do You Know Who You Are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.


Alejandro Fernandez Biography - Cradle of Mariachi

Alejandro Fernandez Biography
Biographyany - Biography of Alexander Fernández Nace in Mexico City on April 24, 1971, but is registered in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, known worldwide as the true "cradle of Mariachi". Devoted son of a popular music in Mexico, Vicente Fernandez, and Maria del Refugio Abarca, Doña Cuca, grows in a family traditionally linked.

First performed before more than 10,000 people at age 5, playing the song "Alejandra". At that time not visualizing what would become his life later, at that time only had fun singing at family gatherings or with his father, when he invited him to the stage. Years later involved with his father in a tribute album to the music of Mexico (Mexico, voice and feeling) with the theme "Love of the two", being a success. This event planting in him the anxiety of singing professionally.
In addition to his musical inclination and vocation by inheritance, "The Colt," as it is affectionately known, also felt the need to expand their personal and after primary and secondary studies, he entered the University Atemajac Valley to study architecture.

In 1991 he released his first album titled "Alejandro Fernandez" and began a successful tour of his country. Of this production are released hits like "I need to forget", "Mists" and "wrong", to name a few.
Hits the market in 1993 "Fur Girl", an album of romantic, interpreted as only "The Foal of Mexico" knows how, with great force and feeling, the production
directed by maestro Pedro Ramirez, was placed quickly between public taste. "Skin Girl", "Just for mourn", "At the edge of the road" and "light Helmets", snatched tears and cries of his faithful followers.

In 1994 he presented "Greatest Hits", an album in which he plays themes of great composers, including Armando Manzanero stands.
Surveys were immediate; sales records, first full weeks of full acceptance and popularity of Mexican music stations that only handled the ballad-pop genre in 1995 causes the release of the album "Very Last Moment" . The song "Like someone loses a star" emerges as the song of the moment, is heard repeatedly on the radio and in places frequented by young people, making new anthem become a rancher and a true musical phenomenon.

The following year he released "Deep in my heart", this album got, as was released, Double Platinum. Then he recorded the theme song for the Atlanta Olympics alongside big names in music such as Gloria Estefan.
In 1997, with producer Emilio Estefan Jr., released "I'm falling", an album with romantic ballads and pop songs closest to, without departing from its Mexican essence. The first four singles taken from the album "I'm In Love", "If You Knew", "In the Garden" (sung as a duet with Gloria Estefan) and "I was born to love" were consecutive No. 1 hit on the Latin music Billboard magazine.
Alejandro Fernandez
In his next work in the studio, My Truth, Alexander returned to ranchera music in songs like "Crazy", "If Love", "Liar" and "Notify Me". Alexander experimented with Caribbean rhythms and sounds, produced by Emilio Estefan, with your arms, which were detached album cuts "Love", "Tell me" and "I want" as simple promotion.
In 1999 appeared the phonogram market Christmastime In Vienna, a collection of Christmas songs in which "The Colt" sung in Spanish and English alongside Plácido Domingo and Patricia Kaas. The album contains traditional songs from around the world, with the implementation of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

In 2000, again in conjunction with Emilio Estefan Jr. released his eighth album, under the name "In your arms". From this material follows "Love" the first single will impact the senses of his followers, a fusion of rhythms that demonstrate the versatility of Alexander for playing music.
"Origins", their next album continued to achieve success in all of Latin America. The album has been certified 2 times platinum in the United States, Platinum in Mexico, and Gold in Central America, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Three years later launches "A Corazon Abierto" (2004). Alexander meets with producer Kike Santander to continue captivating viewers hearts and falling in love. Topics include "To Live", "Too bad," "I have Win" and "I began to lose you."
In 2005 published a live album titled "Mexico-Madrid, nonstop," which describes one unreleased track, "All", a ballad that was written by Leonel Garcia of Sin Bandera. The repertory includes duets highlighting Amaia La Oreja de Van Gogh "I dedicate to lose", the Spanish singer Malu in "Contigo learned" and Diego Cigala in "Like someone loses a star."
"Wave," is called the next plate Alejandro Fernandez with which celebrates its 15-year career. Contains a selection of songs written by the likes of Gian Marco, Leonel, Reily Barba, and Noel Fonseca Sin Bandera, where it reflects the love and passion for the Mexican sunset, traveling the rhythmic pop and romantic ballads.
"Wave," is a selection of 500 subjects chose Alejandro and includes ballads including "Amor Gitano" who performed alongside Beyonce. With this plate ends his contract with Sony Music to join Universal.
In 2009, the colt was involved in legal disputes with Sony since the label was going to release the album "Different", a plate with 12 ranchero songs, but the artist himself had to go to court to prevent the CD see the light. According to the artist, the contract with the label had ended, so Sony would not have the rights to publish it.

After days of negotiations, an agreement was reached and the album "Different" was released not.
After solving the problem, Alexander immediately announced its launch more ambitious. As not decide about which type of disc editing, if one farmer or one of pop music finally released two albums, one of each gender: "Evolution Two Worlds", an album of pop songs, and "Two Worlds Tradition" with gender issues rancher. This board features the song "I" as the first advance, subject by Joan Sebastian, who was responsible for most of the production work and composition.
Other titles are "Bandit", "Damn usual" and "spank". The latter caused controversy as some felt apology for making gender violence.
Alejandro Fernandez
"Evolution Two Worlds" features "I lose my voice" as first preview, produced by Golden Baqueiro, who was responsible for most of the production and composition of the CD.
In 2010 launches, "Two worlds: Revolution", a live album of the concert in "The Lunario" of Mexico City, and brings together the best of the "Two Worlds".
In this production, involving 13 musicians who played instruments like the bugle, bass, accordion, guitar, the bass guitar and percussion, to create the environment that provides a perfect harmony between music and pop Mexican international.
The first single from the new project is the unreleased "You know who," with words and music by Joan Sebastian.


Michael Jordan Biography - Professional Basketball Player From America

Michael Jordan
Biographyany - Real Name: Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Date of Birth: February 17, 1963
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Height: 198
Citizenship: American
Father: James R. Jordan, Sr..
Father Occupation: Mechanic
Mother: Deloris Jordan
Mother Occupation: Cashier Bank
Larry Jordan (brother), James R. Jordan, Jr.. (Brother, retired Sergeant Major), Deloris (brother), Roslyn (sister)
Popular From: A player on the Chicago Bulls 1984 NBA draft

Michael Jordan
Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born in Brooklyn, New York, USA, February 17, 1963, age 50 years) is a professional basketball player from America. He is a world-renowned player in the sport. At least, six NBA championship win with the Chicago Bulls (1991-1993, 1996-1998). It has a height of 198 cm and the best player won.

He began his career in the NBA in 1984 and joined the Chicago Bulls club until 1998. During his career, he has collected six championships and five MVP was appointed as a regular. The owner's name is well-known Air Jordan retired from basketball in 2003 after two years with the Washington Wizards. After that, he became a businessman. Besides listed as the owner of the Bobcats, Jordan occupied the property business and playing in a movie called Space Jam (1996) with the cartoon Looney Tunnes.
Michael Jordan

Personal Life
In 1985, he met Juanita Vanoy and married on 2 September 1989 at the Little White Chapel (Las Vegas). From this marriage were born three children, namely Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. They divorced after 17 years of her marriage. In fact, they both claimed to have lived separately since February 2006. The peak occurred in 2002. At the time, he admitted that he paid Karla Knafel of U.S. $ 250 thousand to maintain the confidentiality of the relationship. Knafel said Jordan called her marriage a "business relationship".

Hearing this, straight Juanita filed for divorce and asked for half of the total wealth is called to reach U.S. $ 400 million (about USD 3.6 trillion). Juanita also demand luxury home ownership and custody of their three children. Jordan then worked hard to save the Ark of the household. A month later, Juanita cancel demands.
Since February 2006, Juanita lived in Highland Park (Ill.), while Jordan at the center of Chicago. Finally, they decided to split up and share custody of the child as well as assets. Divorce trial took place in Lake County, United States.
Michael Jordan


Stephen Chow Biography - The King Of Comedy

Stephen Chow Biography
Biographyany - Stephen Chow (Simple: 周星驰; Traditional: 周星驰; Pinyin: Zhou Xingchi; Cantonese: 广东话 / 广东话 Chow Sing Chi) (born June 22, 1962) is an actor, producer, and film director known from Hong Kong dubbed the "king of comedy" by the Hong Kong press.

Born with the full name of Chow Sing-Chi or better known as Stephen Chow he was an actor and comedy star Mandarin. She was born in Hong Kong on June 22, 1962, Stephen Chow spent his youth later along with three sisters in Shanghai, China. He developed an interest in martial arts after witnessing the talent of Bruce Lee martial arts. In 1982, he graduated from high school and auditioned at a school run by TVB, a Hong Kong television station in which he denied. His friend 'Waise' Lee Chi-Hung (Legend of Swordsman, "John Woo's A Better Tomorrow ') helped him out and he was allowed to take night classes. He graduated in 1983 and was hired to be the host of a children's television program called 'Space Shuttle 430' even though he was not fond of children.

This did not stop him from his duty as he developed an off-beat relationship with co-star in the show that audiences loved, which led the program to run for five years. During the final run the show in 1988, he can go into dramatic roles in many television programs and went on to star in the first movie where Danny 'actor' Lee Sau-Yin (City on Fire, "John Woo, The Killer ') cast him in the film 'Final justice' which earned him an Award for Best Supporting Actor at Taiwan's 25th Annual Film Awards.

In 1990, he introduced the extraordinary comedic talent in the film 'all for the winner' a funny spin-off of the film, 'God of Gamblers' starring Chow Yun-Fat. The film became such a success that he also starred with Chow Yun-Fat in the successful sequel, God of Gamblers 2 '. He excelled in the comedy genre and develop trademarks reinvented his career in years to come when he began doing parodies of Hollywood. and in the film 'Justice in My Foot' he won Best Actor at the Asia Pacific Film Festival.
Stephen Chow Young

The idea combines sport with kung fu and comedy comes into play in 2002 with 'Shaolin Soccer' where some CGI digital effects used to help create the stunning action sequences with the help of legendary choreographer Tony Ching Siu-Tung that gives a touch of style to the fight. This film struck gold on release, grossing film of the highest ratings in history
Hong Kong film industry with a record of HK $ 60 million.

Finally, Hollywood took support of Chow comedic skills and Miramax Films bought the distribution rights to 'Shaolin Soccer' and released internationally in 2003. Following the success of 'Shaolin Soccer' Columbia Tristar released his next project kung-fu comedy, 'Kung Fu Hustle', in which she collaborated with other legendary choreographer, Yuen Wo-Ping, to create sequences of martial arts hard-hitting, the Wo-Ping has been known since the 70's in Hong Kong. creativity action and comedy Stephen Chow continues to seek new audiences and his work will continue to entertain audiences around the world for years to come.
Stephen Chow Young

Stephen Chow Movie List
1986 A Better Tomorrow
1988 Final Justice
Yours Faithfully yes
He Who Chases After the Wind
The Last Conflict
1989 Dragon
Tragic Heroes
Thunder Cops II
Final Combat
1990 Love Is Love
My Hero
Lung Fung Restaurant
The Unmatchable Match
Curry and Pepper
Sleazy Dizzy
Look Out, Officer!
All for the Winner
When Fortune Smiles
Triad Story
Legend of the Dragon
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Journey to the West Pre-Production
Stephen Chow


Valentino Rossi Biography - The Doctor

Valentino Rossi Biography
Biographyany - Biography of Valentino Rossi - The Doctor Urbino-born racer Valentino Rossi, Italy February 16, 1979 is a racer in the world motor racing grandprix after Michael Doohan era with the title of world champion in four weight classes, achieved a seven-year career. The son of former 250cc Grand Prix racer Graziano Rossi, and Stefania Palma has had many records and achievements that go beyond the senior. Total racer this eccentric record seventh world title: once in the 125cc class, once in the 250cc class, five times in the top class, 500cc and Moto GP.

In a long career GP Rossi always wore the number 46, the number he wore it after watching the action of a Japanese wildcard rider numbered 46 in TV to impress. Moreover, the number is also used by Graziano Rossi, father, to win the first race with Morbidelli 1979. Today he still wore the number 46 kebanggaanya it and do not follow the world-champion world champion before choosing to change the number 1 after getting the title of world champion.

When I first joined the 500cc GP Doohan former team headed by a reliable mechanic named Jerremy Australia Burgess, paddock atmosphere greatly influenced temperament temperamental Doohan. All the mechanics and team staff looked serious and likely stressful. This atmosphere makes Rossi determined to celebrate when a massive win. Since then, her trademark victory party. Not just with friends, as well as thousands of supporters who packed the circuit. He also does Action "wheelie" and "burnout" if victorious and often provide "kneepad" or to his fans to throw hats while on the podium.

In his racing career, Rossi always change the nickname and do things that attract attention and entertain. He reasoned that it was all done with the intention of having fun and doing something funny. "Rossifumi", the nickname given by his friend Rossi at Rossi race in the 125cc class. The nickname was created by Rossi wowed with a typical Japanese racer with long hair, Norick Abe. In 2004, Rossi and Abe are both defending Yamaha. Rossi was on the team Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha Team, while Abe in Fortuna Gauloises Tech 3 Yamaha Team.

"Valentinik", the nickname is derived from the cartoon "Daffy Duck" is a "superhero" in Italy named Paperinik. The nickname was wearing at the time of the race in the 250cc class. Other nicknames is "The Doctor" after he rose in the 500cc class in the 2000 season. At the end of the 2003 season before the 2004 season, Valentino Rossi made the decision to move from the Honda factory team, Repsol Honda HRC. He chose to join the Yamaha team last won the world championship in 1992 by racer Wayne Rainey. Rossi moved to Yamaha team alone, he also brought Jerremy Burgess, the former chief mechanic also handles Doohan and Criville. They conducted a series of tests to fix the motor technology Rossi's Yamaha YZR M1 to be able to compete with the strongest bike in the Moto GP at the time, Honda's RC211V.

Regarding the move, many who do not think and pessimism that Rossi would be able to defend his champion. But he dispelled all the pessimistic view. Even in the first series of the 2004 season at the GP Welkom, South Africa, he beat Max Biaggi riding a Honda motorcycle, albeit with a very tight fight with the last yamaha motorcycle riding on the podium in 1992. In 2004 and 2005, becoming world champion Rossi with Yamaha and became the first Yamaha rider
most won in a single season (9-time champion in the 2005 season).

Valentino Rossi BIODATA
Valentino Rossi

Name: Valentino Rossi

Born: Urbino, February 16, 1979

Nationality: Italian

Height / Weight: 180cm/69kg


1. Go-kart the first (1985)

2. Debut karting racing 60cc (1989)

3. Champion 60cc regional karting championships, winning nine times (1990)

4. Ranked fifth in the Championship Junior go-kart Italy (1991)

5. Minibikes Italian Champion Endurance (1992)

6. Ranked 12 Italian 125cc Sport Production championship with Cagiva motorcycles (1993)

7. Italian 125cc Sport Production championship with Cagiva motorcycles (1994)

8. Italian national champion 125cc, 125cc European Championship 3 ratings, ranking 11th in the Championship, Spanish

9. Open all with Aprilia 125cc (1995)

10. World Championship debut in the 125cc GP Malaysia using Scuderia AGV Aprilia (1996) championship with 321 points, 11 wins in Malaysia, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Imola,
Germany, Brazil, England, Catalunya, and Indonesia (1997)

11. Youngest ever 125cc world champion riding an Aprilia-2 Nastro Azzurro Team, the first position in

Moved to the 250cc class riding an Aprilia team Nastro Azzuro, the second position in the championship with 201 points, 5 wins in the Netherlands, Imola, Catalunya, Australia, and Argentina (1998)

12. Being the youngest 250cc world champion, riding for the Aprilia Grand Prix Racing,
The first position in the championship with 309 points, 9 wins in Spain, Italy, Catalunya, English, German, Czech, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil (1999)

13. Up again to the 500cc class riding a Honda for the Nastro Azzuro Team, the second position in the championship with 209 points, 2 wins in Britain and Brazil (2000)

14. 500cc world champion, riding a Honda for the Nastro Azzuro Team, the first position in the championship with 325 points, 11 wins in Japan, South Africa, Spain, Catalunya, Great Britain, Czech, Putugal, the Pacific, Australia, Malaysia, and Brazil (2001 )

15. Won the Moto GP World Championship on a Honda RC211V revised for the Repsol Honda Team, the first position in the championship with 355 points, a collection of 11 wins in Japan, Spain, France, Catalunya, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, and Australia (2002)

16. Wins his second in the Moto GP World Championship with the Repsol Honda Team, the first position in the championship with 357 points, 9 wins in Japan, Spain, Italy, Czech, Portugal, Rio, Malaysia, Australia, and Valencia (2003)

17. Moved to Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha YZR-M1 and wins the Moto GP World Championship, the first position in the championship with 304 points, 9 wins in South Africa, Italy, Catalunya, Netherlands, England, Portugal, Malaysia, Australia, and Valencia (2004)

18. Won a second world title for Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha Team, the first position in the championship up in Malaysia with 281 points, 9 wins in Spain, China, France, Italy, Catalunya, Netherlands, UK, Germany, and the Republic (2005)

Valentino Rossi

1. Degree 125cc World Champion (1997)

2. Degree 250cc World Champion (1999)

3. Degree 500cc World Champion (2001)

4. Degree Moto GP World Champion (2002)

5. Degree Moto GP World Champion (2003)

6. Degree Moto GP World Champion (2004)

7. Degree Moto GP World Champion (2005)


Rowan Atkinson Biography - He Is Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson Biography
Biographyany - Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (born January 6, 1955, age 58 years) is an American comedian, actor, and writer, best known for television series Blackadder and Mr. Bean. According to The Observer, he was one of the 50 funniest people in Britain. He was born in Consett, County Durham in 1955 from the family of Eric Atkinson, a farmer and company director, and his wife Ella May (née Bambridge).

His brother is a politician Rodney Atkinson. He attended Durham School choristers, and St Bees School, and studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University. While in school, he was classmates with former prime minister Tony Blair. He then earned his M.Sc. from Queens College, Oxford.

He began appearing on television shows Not the Nine O'Clock News, followed by The Black Adder, and then Mr. Bean. Atkinson has starred in ads for Hitachi, Fujifilm, blood donors, and Barclaycard. In addition, he appeared in the films Never Say Never Again, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Lion King, Rat Race, Love Actually, and played a major role in the Bean, Mr. Bean's Holiday, and Johnny English.

Atkinson is married to Sunetra Sastry in 1990, had two children, Lily and Benjamin, and lived in the Oxfordshire village. He has a collection of cars and writes for magazines Car and Evo. Car collection mostly consists of Aston Martin, including the DB7 used in Johnny English. Cars Aston Martin V8 Zagato his own license plates "COM1C", and drove in the movie The Tall Guy.
Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

MR . Bean

Profile Of Rowan Atkinson

Original Name
Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

Date of birth
January 6, 1955

Place of birth
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England



Eric Atkinson

Ella May

Rodney Atkinson (brother)

Husband / Wife
Sunetra Sastry (makeup artists, since Feb 1990)

Benjamin, Lily

Popular Since
Serving as Mr. Bean in the TV comedy series "Mr.. Bean" (1990)


Adolf Hitler Biography - The Dictator Of Nazi

Adolf Hitler Biography
Biographyany - Adolf Hitler (German: [adɔlf hɪtlɐ] 20 April 1889-30 April 1945) was a German politician and head of the Nazi Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), the National Socialist German Workers Party) born in Austria. He served as Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and dictator of Nazi Germany (the title Führer und Reichskanzler) from 1934 to 1945. Hitler became the main character of Nazi Germany, World War II in Europe, and the Holocaust.

Hitler was a veteran of World War I with a lot of titles. He joined the German Workers' Party (NSDAP predecessor) in 1919, and became chairman of the NSDAP in 1921. In 1923, he staged a coup in the event known as the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. The failed coup led to the arrest of Hitler. In prison, Hitler wrote his memoir, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). After his release in 1924, Hitler had the support of the people by criticizing the Treaty of Versailles and uphold Pan-Jermanisme, antisemitism and anti-communism with charismatic speeches and Nazi propaganda. Once appointed as chancellor in 1933, he changed the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich, a one-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian ideologies of Nazism and autocratic.

Hitler's goal was to establish a New Order of absolute Nazi German hegemony in continental Europe. Until then, foreign policy and the country aims to achieve Lebensraum ("living space") for the Germanic. He ordered the German armed back and Wehrmacht invaded Poland in September 1939, led to the outbreak of World War II in Europe. Under the rule of Hitler, German troops in 1941 and its European allies occupied most of Europe and North Africa. In 1943, Germany was forced to defend himself and suffered a series of defeats in battle. In the final days of the war, during the Battle of Berlin took place in 1945, Hitler married his old lover, Eva Braun. On 30 April 1945, less than two days later, the two committed suicide to avoid arrest Red Army, and their corpses were burned.

Hitler's policies were motivated by racial supremacists and resulted in the deaths of around 50 million people during World War II, including 6 million Jews and 5 million ethnic "non-Aryans" were systematic destruction ordered by Hitler and his closest associates.

Childhood and Education
Adolf Hitler Baby

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 at the Gasthof zum Pommer, an inn in the Salzburger Vorstadt 15, Braunau am Inn, Austria-Hungary. He was the fourth of six children of Alois Hitler and Klara pair Polzl (1860-1907). Brother and sister Hitler - Gustav, Ida, and Otto - died in infancy. When Hitler was three years old, the family moved to Passau, Germany. There he learned the dialect Bayern Downstream, instead of German Austria, which is the typical life style of speech. In 1894, the family moved again to Leonding (near Linz), and in June 1895, Alois settled on a small plot of land in Hafeld, near Lambach, where he was farming and beekeeping. Adolf attend school in the neighboring town, Fischlham. Hitler started like studying war after finding a picture book about the Franco-Prussian War his father.

Hafeld their migration to the start of a father-son conflict was intense due to Adolf refuses to comply with strict regulations in school. Alois Hitler's farming efforts at Hafeld failed and in 1897 they moved to Lambach. Hitler was 8 years old singing lessons, singing with the church choir, and even semapt consider myself to be a pastor. In 1898, the family moved permanently to Leonding. Death of his brother, Edmund, due to smallpox on February 2, 1900 greatly affected the lives of Hitler. He went from a confident figure, outgoing, and smart, a kid moody, withdrawn, sullen and often quarreled with his father and his teacher.

Alois had a successful career in the customs bureau and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Hitler later dramatized an event when Hitler's father took him to the customs office, calling the events that arouse antagonism mercilessly between father and son, who both are equally eager. Ignoring his son's wishes to classical high school and become an artist, Alois sent Adolf to the Realschule in Linz in September 1900. (This is the same high school who later entered Adolf Eichmann 17 years later.) Hitler rejected this decision, and in Mein Kampf, Hitler said that he did poorly in school, hoping that once his father saw "what little progress I made in school technique, he would let me pursue my dreams. "

Hitler was obsessed with German nationalism since I was young. He showed his loyalty to Germany, hated Habsburg monarchy an increasingly chaotic and administration in the occupied various ethnic empire. Hitler and his friends used the word German greeting "Heil", and sang the German anthem "Deutschland Über Alles" instead of the Austrian Imperial anthem.

After the sudden death of Alois on January 3, 1903, Hitler's achievement in school deteriorated. His mother allowed Hitler quit school in the fall of 1905. He attended the Realschule in Steyr in September 1904; behavior and improved performance. In the fall of 1905, after passing supplementary exams and final exams, Hitler left school without any desire to continue their education or build a career.

Adolescence in Vienna and Munich

Since 1905, Hitler bohemian life in Vienna financed by orphan support and help from his mother. He worked as an ordinary laborer, and a painter who sells watercolor paintings. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna twice rejected Hitler, namely in 1907 and 1908, due to "unsuitable paint". Director of the academy suggested that Hitler studied architecture, but he did not meet academic requirements. On December 21, 1907, his mother died at the age of 47. Having rejected the Academy for the second time, Hitler ran out of money. In 1909, he was living in a homeless shelter, and in 1910, he settled in a house in Meldemannstraße working poor. When Hitler tinggla there, Vienna is a place full of religious prejudice and racism. Concerns that Vienna will be met immigrants from Eastern widespread, and the populist mayor, Karl Lueger, exploiting antisemitic rhetoric for political gain. Antisemitism pan-Germanic Georg Schönerer strong support Mariahilf district, where Hitler lived. Hitler read the local newspapers, such as the Deutsches Volksblatt, burn that fuel prejudice and fear Christians who fear driven by the influx of Jewish immigrants from the east. Rejecting what he called "Jermanofobia" Catholic, he began to like Martin Luther.

The origin and when Hitler showed antisemitismenya difficult to trace. Hitler said in Mein Kampf that turned into an anti-Semitic Vienna. Her best friend, August Kubizek, claimed that Hitler was an "anti-Semitic official" before leaving Linz. Testimony Kubizek challenged by historian Brigitte Hamann, who wrote that Kubizek was the only person who says that the young Hitler was an anti-Semitic. Hamann also wrote that there is no anti-Semitic statements coming out of the mouth of Hitler at that time. Historian Ian Kershaw argued that if Hitler never said that, his word is not known as anti-Semitism in Vienna was unusual at the time. A number of sources provide strong evidence that Hitler had Jewish friends in the inn and other places in Vienna. Historian Richard J. Evans states that "historians now agree that a well-known anti-Semitismenya emerged after the defeat of Germany [World War I], as a side effect of the answer paranoid 'betrayal' of the event."

Hitler inherited the last part of the estate of his father in May 1913 and moved to Munich. Historians believe he came from Vienna to avoid conscription into the Austrian army. Hitler later claimed that he did not want to serve in the Habsburg Empire as mixing "races" within the army. After he was declared fit for duty-failed physical tests in Salzburg on February 5, 1914-he returned to Munich.

World War 1
Adolf Hitler World War 1

When World War I broke out, Hitler is a resident of the city of Munich and voluntarily serving in the Army as an Austrian citizen Bayern. Placed on Reserve Infantry Regiment Bayern 16 (Regiment Group-1), Hitler's role as messengers at the Western Front in France and Belgium, to spend almost half of their time behind the front line. He was involved in the First Battle of Ypres, the Battle of the Somme, the Battle of Arras, and the Battle of Passchendaele, and was wounded at the Somme.

Hitler with fellow soldiers from the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment (c. 1914-1918)
He was awarded the Iron Cross, Second Class, in 1914 for his bravery. Since suggested Hugo Gutmann, Hitler received the Iron Cross, First Class, on August 4, 1918, a rare accolade pinned on the rank of someone like Hitler (Gefreiter). Work regimental headquarters Hitler, the full interacting with senior officers, it might help him get this award. Although the action is considered daring, but still can not be called very commendable. Hitler also received the Wound Badge Black on May 18, 1918.

During duty at headquarters, Hitler developed his artistic talent by drawing cartoons and instructions for an army newspaper. At the Battle of the Somme in October 1916, he was wounded in the thigh or calf left by a grenade that exploded in the trenches messengers. Hitler spent almost two months in the Red Cross hospital in Beelitz, then returned to his regiment on 5 March 1917. On October 15, 1918, Hitler was temporarily blinded due to mustard gas attack and had lodged in hospital Pasewalk. There, Hitler knew the defeat of Germany, and after getting the news, he admitted blind again.

Adolf Hitler was a soldier in the First World War (1914-1918)
Hitler became irritated by the German war effort failed and therefore also the development of ideology slowly formed. He called World War I as "the greatest experience of a lifetime" and he was praised by his commanding officer for his bravery. This experience reinforces patriotism against Germany and he was surprised by the German surrender in November 1918. Like many other German nationalists, he believed the Dolchstoßlegende (legend of betrayal), which claims that the German army "undefeated in the field" had been "stabbed in the back" on the domestic front by civilian leaders and Marxists, later dubbed " November criminals ".

The Treaty of Versailles stressed that Germany must return the number of occupied territory and mendemiliterisasi Rhineland. This agreement and the economic sanctions imposed heavy reparations on Germany. Many Germans view these agreements-particularly Article 231 which calls Germany are responsible for all the war-as an attempt to embarrass Germany. Treaty of Versailles and the economic, social, and political development in postwar Germany later exploited by Hitler for political interests

World War 2

The first diplomatic success
Alliance with Japan
Adolf Hitler
In February 1938, on the advice of the new Foreign Minister is appointed, Joachim von Ribbentrop was pro-Japanese, Hitler put an end to Chinese-German alliance with the Republic of China in order to form an alliance with Japan's more modern and powerful. Hitler announced his government recognize Manchukuo, the Japanese base in Manchuria, and interesting German claims to their former colonies in the Pacific held Japan. Hitler declared the end of the delivery of weapons to China and return all German officers working in the Chinese Army. In retaliation, Chinese General Chiang Kai-shek canceled all Sino-German economic agreements, so that the raw materials China no longer go to Germany.

Austria and Czechoslovakia
On 12 March 1938, Hitler declared unification of Austria with Nazi Germany in the Anschluss program. Hitler then turned his attention to the ethnic German population in the district of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia.
28-29 March 1938, Hitler held a series of secret meetings in Berlin with Konrad Henlein of Heimfront (Front of Home Affairs) Sudeten, the party of ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland. They agreed that Henlein asking for greater autonomy for the Sudeten German population to the government of Czechoslovakia, thus giving legitimacy for military action, Germany to Czechoslovakia. In April 1938, Henlein told the foreign minister Hungary that "whatever the Czech government offered, he would always ask for higher ... he wanted to sabotage an understanding with any sense because this is the only way to break up Czechoslovakia quickly". In private, Hitler considered Sudeten issue unimportant; desire is actually waging a war of conquest against Czechoslovakia.

In April, Hitler asked OKW prepare for Fall Grün ("Case Green"), code invasion of Czechoslovakia. Due to diplomatic pressure barrage of France and Britain, on September 5, Czechoslovakian President Edvard Benes launched the "Fourth Plan" for constitutional reorganization of his country to approve most requests for autonomy Sudeten.Heimfront Henlein Henlein Benes responded to the offer with a series of riots against police Czechoslovakia and led to the imposition of martial law in a number of Sudeten districts.

Germany relies on imported oil; confrontation with Britain over the disputed Czechoslovakia Germany will reduce the supply of oil. Hitler cancel Fall Grün, originally planned was held on October 1, 1938. On 29 September, Hitler, Neville Chamberlain, Edouard Daladier and Benito Mussolini held a one-day conference in Munich and the Munich Agreement which contains the producing districts surrender the Sudetenland to Germany.

Jewish shops destroyed in Magdeburg post-Kristallnacht (November 1938)
Chamberlain satisfied with the Munich conference and called it "Peace to the present", while Hitler was angered by losing the opportunity to fight in 1938, and he expressed his dissatisfaction in a speech on 9 October in Saarbrücken. In view of Hitler, who helped Britain's peace, despite satisfy German demands, was a diplomatic defeat that thwart his desire to limit the power of Britain to pave the way to the eastern expansion of Germany. Because the meeting was also elected Hitler as Man of the Year Time magazine in 1938.

In late 1938 and early 1939, the continuing economic crisis caused by Hitler's rearmament forcing massive budget cuts. In his "Export or die" on January 30, 1939, he requested the attack in order to enhance economic German foreign exchange holdings to purchase raw materials such as high-quality steel for military weapons.
On March 15, 1939, violated the Munich Agreement and may be a result of the economic crisis emphasized the need for an additional assets, Hitler ordered the Wehrmacht invaded Prague and proclaimed Bohemia and Moravia a German protectorate from Prague Castle.

The outbreak of World War II
Adolf Hitler World War 2

In private discussions in 1939, Hitler declared Britain as the main enemy to defeat and destruction of Poland is a necessary prerequisite for achieving these goals. The east side will be secured and the land included in the German Lebensraum. Offended by the "guarantee" of Polish independence by Britain on March 31, 1939, Hitler said, "I have to make the demon drink for them." In a speech in Wilhelmshaven at the launch event battleship Tirpitz on 1 April, he threatened to cancel the Agreement of England-Germany if Britain continues to guarantee the independence of Poland, which he saw as a policy of "encirclement". Poland will be a German satellite state or neutralized to secure the Reich's eastern side and prevent possible British blockade. Hitler initially chose the idea of ​​a satellite state, but because the Polish government refused, he decided to invade Poland and make it the main goal of its foreign policy in 1939. On 3 April, Hitler ordered the military preparing for Fall Weiss ("Case White"), which is planned invasion of Poland on August 25. In a speech in the Reichstag on 28 April, Hitler cancel the Sea Treaty English-German Non-Aggression Pact and the German-Polish. In August, Hitler told his generals that was originally planned for 1939, is "... to form a good relationship with Poland in order to fight the West." Some historians such as William Carr, Gerhard Weinberg and Ian Kershaw believes that the reason Hitler was waging war haste was that he was afraid he died first.

42 penny stamps Hitler in 1944. The term Grossdeutsches Reich (German Reich Kingdom) was first used in 1943 to refer to the expansion of German territory under his control.
Hitler concerned military offensive into Poland would create an early war against Britain. However, Hitler's foreign minister-and former Ambassador to London-Joachim von Ribbentrop ensure that neither Britain nor France would honor their commitments to Poland. Because secured such that, on 22 August 1939 Hitler ordered a military mobilization to Poland.
This plan requires the help of a secret Soviet non-aggression pact (the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) between Germany and the Soviet Union, led by Joseph Stalin, included secret agreement cleavage Poland for both countries. In response to the newly formed pact is different from the prediction-and Ribbentrop that this action will aggravate the Anglo-Polish ties-Britain and Poland English-Polish alliance on 25 August 1939. This maneuver, along with news from Italy that Mussolini would not honor the Pact of Steel, forcing Hitler to postpone invasion of Poland from 25 August to 1 September. Hitler failed to turn Britain into a neutral position by offering a non-aggression guarantee to the British Empire on August 25, and he then instructed Ribbentrop to reveal peace plan last minute with a very short time frame in order to blame the war that will take place in Britain and the unprepared Poland.
Although nervous about the intervention of Britain, Hitler's invasion of Poland to continue the plan. On 1 September 1939, Germany invaded western Poland on the grounds its claim against the Free City of Danzig and the right to extraterritorial roads across the Polish Corridor was rejected, which was handed over Germany as the Treaty of Versailles. Respond to this action, the United Kingdom and France declared war on Germany on September 3, surprising Hitler and forced asked to Ribbentrop angrily, "Now what?" France and Britain to act according to their statement, and on 17 September, Soviet forces invaded eastern Poland.
Poland will never rise again in the form of the Treaty of Versailles. It is guaranteed not only by Germany, but also ... Russia.
-Adolf Hitler, public speech in Danzig at the end of September 1939

The fall of Poland was followed by what is called a journalist a "fake war" or Sitzkrieg ("sitting war"). Gauletier Poland Hitler instructed the two newly appointed northwest, Albert Forster of Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia and Arthur Greiser of Reichsgau Wartheland, to "menjermanisasikan" their area "without question" about how. When the Polish population in the Forster area must sign a statement that they had German blood, Greiser brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against the Polish population in the region. Greiser complained Forster allowing thousands of Poles accepted as "racial" Germans thus threaten "racial purity" of Germany. Hitler refused to get involved, because I wanted to make an example of the theory of "working for the Führer": Hitler issued instructions are not clear and expect all subordinates carry out their own policies.
Other disputes arise about the methods of Himmler and Greiser, who chose the ethnic cleansing in Poland, against methods Göring and Hans Frank, Governor-General of the General Government territory of Poland, who want to transform Poland into "rice granary" Reich. On February 12, 1940, the dispute was initially done through the implementation of the method Göring-Frank, ending mass expulsions disrupt the flow of the economy. However, on May 15, 1940, Himmler wrote a memo titled "Thoughts on Handling of Foreign Residents in the East" who proposed the expulsion of the entire Jewish population of Europe into Africa and isolate Polish population to be "working class without a leader." Hitler called Himmler's memo "good and proper," and implement policies Himmler-Greiser in Poland, while ignoring and Frank Göring.

Hitler visiting Paris with architect Albert Speer (left) and sculptor Arno absorber (right), June 23, 1940
Hitler began to focus its military on Germany's western border, and in April 1940, German forces invaded Denmark and Norway. On 9 April, Hitler announced the birth of "German Reich Kingdom", that his vision of a Germanic empire nations in Europe that is united, where the Dutch, Flemish, and Scandinavian joined the government "pure race" under the leadership of Germany. In May 1940, Germany attacked France, and occupied Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The victory forced Mussolini to bring Italy to join Hitler on June 10. France surrendered on 22 June.

Britain, whose army was forced to leave France by sea from Dunkirk, continued to fight alongside other British colonies in the Battle of the Atlantic. Hitler offered peace to Britain's new leader, Winston Churchill, and after being rejected he ordered bombing raids to Britain. Hitler's invasion plans to the United Kingdom began with a series of air attacks in the Battle of Britain on a number of airbases and radar stations Royal Air Force (RAF) in South East England. Unfortunately, the German Luftwaffe was not able to defeat the Royal Air Force. In late October, Hitler realized that air superiority for the invasion of Britain-Operation Sea Lion-could not be achieved, then it nightly air strikes against British cities, including London, Plymouth, and Coventry.

On 27 September 1940, three Parties Pact was signed in Berlin by Saburo Kurusu of Imperial Japan, Hitler, and Italian foreign minister Ciano, [248] and then extended to Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, thereby strengthening the Axis powers. Hitler efforts in integrating the former Soviet Union to block anti-British failed after the meeting between Hitler and Molotov stalemate in Berlin in November, then he asked all parties to prepare for full-scale invasion of the Soviet Union.

In the spring of 1941, the military activities in North Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East turned Hitler from his plans for the eastern region. In February, German forces arrived in Libya to strengthen the presence of Italian troops there. In April, Hitler launched the invasion of Yugoslavia, which was soon followed by the invasion of Greece. [250] In May, German forces were sent to support Iraqi rebel forces fighting Britain and invaded Crete. On May 23, Hitler issued Führer Order No. 30.

Defeat and Death

Adolf Hitler Dead
In late 1944, both the Red Army and the Western Allies were invaded Germany. Knowing the strength and tenacity of the Red Army, Hitler decided to use the rest of the army reserve soldiers to fight the United States and Britain which he considered weaker. On 16 December, he launched an offensive in the Ardennes to divide the Western Allies and perhaps convince them join berpeang against the Soviets. After the attack failed, Hitler realized that Germany would lose the war. Last hope to negotiate peace with the United States and Britain aided by the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt dated 12 April 1945; however, in contrast to expectations, the Allies remained undaunted. Acting with his view that Germany's military failures helped eliminate his right to stand as a nation, Hitler ordered the destruction of all German industrial infrastructure before it falls into the hands of the Allies. Armament Minister Albert Speer trusted to execute this scorched earth plan, but he quietly refused.

On April 20, Hitler's birthday the 56th, Hitler did the last trip of the Führerbunker ("Führer's shelter") to the surface. In the garden Reichskanzlei destroyed, he pinned the Iron Cross to Hitler Youth soldiers. On 21 April, the 1st Belorussian Front led Georgy Zhukov managed to penetrate the defenses of German Army Group Vistula led by General Gotthard Heinrici Plateau at the Battle of Seelow and drove to the outskirts of Berlin. Rejecting the situation, Hitler hanging his hopes on Waffen SS troops led by General Felix Steiner, Armeeabteilung Steiner ("Army Detachment Steiner"). Hitler asked Steiner to attack the northern side of the hill and the German Ninth Army was ordered to attack northward in the form of attacks flops.
At a military conference on 22 April, Hitler questioned Steiner attacks. He was told that the attack had never been launched and Russian troops entered Berlin. The answer is forcing Hitler to ask everyone except Wilhelm Keitel, Alfred Jodl, Hans Krebs, Wilhelm Burgdorf, and then exit ruangan.Hitler massive angry over the betrayal and incompetence of the commanders who ended with a statement for the first time-that the Germans lost the war. Hitler announced that he would remain in Berlin until the war ended, then committed suicide.

On 23 April, the Red Army surrounded the entire Berlin and Goebbels made a statement asking citizens participate defend Berlin. On that day also, Göring sent a telegram from Berchtesgaden which contains the idea that because Hitler was isolated in Berlin, he, Göring, should take over the German government. Göring set a time limit, the passing of which he considered Hitler to power again. Hitler responded by holding Göring and in his will written 29 April, Hitler declared Göring dismissed from all government positions he held. On 28 April, Hitler learned that Himmler, who left Berlin on 20 April, was trying to discuss surrender to the Western Allies. He ordered Himmler was arrested and Hermann Fegelein (Himmler's SS representative at Hitler's headquarters in Berlin) is executed.

After midnight 29 April, Hitler married Eva Braun in a small wedding ceremony in a map in the Führerbunker. After a simple breakfast with his new wife, secretary Traudl Junge he brought to another room and dictated the testament and last words. This event was witnessed and documents signed by Hans Krebs, Wilhelm Burgdorf, Joseph Goebbels, and Martin Bormann. That afternoon, Hitler was informed of the murder of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, which may reinforce the desire to resist arrest.
On 30 April 1945, after a fierce street fighting, when Soviet troops were one or two blocks from Reichskanzlei, Hitler and Braun committed suicide; Braun bite the cyanide capsule and Hitler shot himself. Their bodies were brought up through the emergency exit door to the rear garden Reichskanzlei bunkers that have been destroyed, and then placed in a bomb crater and doused in gasoline. The two bodies then burned bombing ambiance accompanied by the Red Army.

Berlin surrendered on 2 May. Soviet archival records released after the fall of the Soviet Union-showed that the remains of Hitler, Braun, Joseph and Magda Goebbels, the six Goebbels children, General Hans Krebs and Hitler's dogs repeatedly buried and raised. On 4 April 1970, a Soviet KGB team put on the map for detailed funeral held five wooden boxes at the SMERSH facility in Magdeburg. The remains of the box is burned, destroyed, and spread Biederitz rivers, creeks Elbe.


Mahatma Gandhi Biography - The Soul Grand

Mahatma Gandhi Biography
Biographyany - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (born in Porbandar, Gujarat, British India, October 2, 1869 - died in New Delhi, India, January 30, 1948 at the age of 78 years) (Devanagari script: मोहनदास करमचन्द गांधी) also called Mahatma Gandhi (Sanskrit: "the soul grand ") is a spiritual leader and a politician from India.

During the life of Gandhi, many countries that were colonies of Great Britain. Residents in the colonies crave freedom to govern their own country.

Gandhi was one of the most important of which are involved in the Indian Independence Movement. He was an activist who did not use violence, which brought the independence movement through peaceful demonstrations.


Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in the state of Gujarat in India. Several of his family members working on the government side. As a teenager, Gandhi moved to England to study law. After he became a lawyer, he went to South Africa, a British colony, where he experienced racial discrimination called apartheid. He then decided to become a political activist in order to change the laws that are discriminatory. Gandhi has constituted a non-violent movement.

When he returned to India, he helped in the independence of India from British colonies: this will inspire people in other colonies that gained independence struggle and break the British Raj to then form the Commonwealth.
Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

People from different religions and tribes that live in India when it believes that India needs to be broken down into several states that different groups can have their own state. Many who wanted the Hindus and Muslims have their own state. Gandhi was a Hindu, but he liked the ideas of other religions including Islam and Christianity. He believes that people of all religions should have equal rights and live together peacefully in one country.

In 1947, India became independent and split into two countries, India and Pakistan. It is not approved Gandhi.

The principle of Gandhi, satyagraha, often translated as "the right way" or "path to truth", has inspired many generations of democracy activists and anti-racism as Martin Luther King, Jr.. and Nelson Mandela. Gandhi often said that teaching values ​​is very simple, based on traditional Hindu beliefs: truth (satya), and non-violence (ahimsa).

On January 30, 1948, Gandhi was assassinated a Hindu man angry with Gandhi because he tended to side with the Muslims.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in 1869 and lived for most of the half century Twenty. Born in Gujarat, India, and lived several years in England, where he studied law, and in South Africa, where he had a career as a lawyer. He returned to India from South Africa to join the liberation movement against the British rulers.

Gandhi is someone who from an early age, so live life and have always questioned about its values. He lived out and live life. On each occasion, he was always looking for answers to many questions in a variety of ways. He gave the title of his autobiography My experience of the Truth. In fact, he spent his whole life searching for the truth and continue to try to find the answers and apply in their daily lives.
Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

He started his career as a lawyer in South Africa, where he finds racial issues for the first time. One time, during a trip on the train to Pretoria, she was asked to leave the class passenger seat of the host even though he had paid the ticket. White train conductor who was a cynical saying that in addition to white people are not allowed to occupy the premier class seats. But Gandhi refused and insisted on occupying seats he had paid for it. Because of this refusal, the conductor down at a small station.

Perhaps, that's one incident which then makes it always fought for justice. He always pointed out that we can fight injustice without violence. While in South Africa was the Gandhi began to develop his ideas called Ahimsa or non-violence, and teach those Indians who live there how to apply Ahimsa to overcome the injustices they experience. The method is also known as passive resistance or anti-cooperate with those who commit injustice. Gandhi believes that, by rejecting-working, the person will eventually realize his mistake and then stop the unfair attitude.
Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi succeeded in doing efforts in South Africa. However, it was also time for him to get back to India emerging by the Liberation Movements of the British Rulers. He felt was his duty to join and contribute to the ideals of independent India. Gandhi asked his followers in India to implement the teachings of Ahimsa and shows how his teachings can be part of India's freedom struggle.

While the movement continues to progress, Gandhi continued his search for the truth and to design appropriate strategies to face the enemy. He called Satyagraha - Truth Enforcement. Gandhi believed that seeing the suffering of someone who uphold the truth will take effect and will touch the conscience of the perpetrator abuses (the enemy). Satyagraha is then run widely and effectively in the struggle for independence. This struggle finally reached a point where the UK could not survive against the thousands of people who menetangnya mass, acts peacefully demanding freedom. However, Gandhi assured to every effort and struggle waged by those who tutored him in the running Satyagraha, and for teaching and training Satyagraha struggle is bringing results.
Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi is still opportunity to watch India's independence from British rule, but he was very sad to see the conflict between Muslims and Hindus, as well as to the thousands of people who are victims of Partition (Partition) India-Pakistan. His belief the Brotherhood of Mankind (The Brotherhood of Man) remains unwavering, long since she had rejected the plan of Partition (Partition), although it was still happening. India is now separated into India with a secular Hindu majority, and Pakistan, with a majority Muslim society, which is also divided into East Pakistan and West Pakistan. At the end of his life mourning the teachings of Gandhi's Satyagraha he was unable to prevent the hatred between Hindus and Muslims which resulted in the splitting of India. In 1948, Gandhi was killed in a house of worship by a Hindu fanatic who does not agree with the understanding of The Brotherhood of Man lead.

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