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Nirvana Biography - The Legend Of Rock

Thursday, March 7, 2013 | 0 comments

Nirvana Biography
Nirvana Biography
Biographyany - Nirvana is the name of a band from the town of Aberdeen, Washington, United States, and then eventually they get success in the city of Seattle, United States, known for its grunge music stream, or also known as the Seattle Sound. The band has many loyal followers or fans in Indonesia, especially in the underground music community.

Nirvana began to tune, and was known to the world since the release of their album called Nevermind, the singles were championed the Smells Like Teen Spirit, this makes them get a single trophy The Best Alternative / Rock Band, and had sat on the first pitch in the American Billboard. Consist of Nirvana Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain, and Dave Grohl. The band broke up after Kurt Cobain committed suicide due to an overdose of cocaine after sucking the place of residence in 1994.

The group formed in Washington, USA, 1987. Led by frontman Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic were filling bass and Dave Grohl as a drummer, the group release their first album in 1989 under an indie label.
In 1991, Nirvana signed to major label DGC and release their second album Nevermind. DGC can expect the album to sell at least 250 thousand copies. But the opposite happened. Success Smells Like Teen Spirit boost sales to 400 thousand copies in just one week.

Trying to repeat the success of the first album, titled second album In Utero was released 2 years later. Unfortunately prestige second album is not as bright as the first.
8 April 1994 is the end of history when his motorcycle Nirvana Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle Washington. Some still had their compilation album was released a few years later. Estimated Nirvana has sold at least 50 million copies of their albums worldwide.

Nirvana Biography
Nirvana is the bearer stream Grunge music, was born in the city of Aberdeen Washington United States, and eventually they find success in the U.S. city of Seattle. Their success in Seattle makes this group called the Seattle Sound. The band has many loyal followers or fans around the world, including in Indonesia, which used to make the song, titled Smells Like Teen Spirit was topped the Billboard charts for two years.
The premiere of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic occurred in March 1987 which also menasbihkan initial formation consisting of Nirvana Kurt Cobain (vocals & guitar), Krist Novoselic (bass) and a drummer named Aaron Burckhard. At the end of 1987, Aaron Burckhard out of Nirvana. Beginning in 1988, a position filled by drummer Chad Channing and Jason Everman joined as a second guitarist. Jason Everman came out in mid-1989 followed by the release of Chad Channing did in 1990. After several changes drummer, Dave Grohl finally entered as a drummer in 1990.

At that time they had not used the name Nirvana there are many names that they use at the beginning of their career and they take turns wearing it at every concert.
Nirvana name emerged in 1988 when Kurt found the name of a television show that aired on midnight Buddhism program, which means achieving perfection.

They made their first single, "Love Buzz", which was released by a small independent label Sub Pop Records. Nirvana growing popularity in Seattle, and they released their debut album, Bleach.
In November 1988 the first single Love Buzz Nirvana was released on a limited circle Kurt himself who then handed one to her coffee for diputar.Setelah KCMU radio that Kurt immediately listen to the radio and after many hours of nervous because the song was played by Kurt should immediately call from a public telephone and requesting the song itself then later one song airs biggest irony of a Rock Star at the beginning of his career itself was requesting a song on the radio

In early 1991 The band moved labels from Sub Pop to the DGC (David Geffen Company) a major label with a wider distribution and greater funding one of the most successful orbits Guns N Roses.Nirvana DGC are also joining the Gold Mountain an artist management company in which Sonic Youth , the admired contemporary punk band bernaung.Nirvana Kurt went on his way by releasing a second album called Nevermind was recorded in May 1991 and was completed a month later.


Initially, DGC Records hopes to sell 250,000 copies of Nevermind. However, the album's first single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" quickly gained momentum, thanks in part to significant of the song played music videos on MTV. When they toured Europe in late 1991, the band found that the shows were dangerously oversold, that television crews became a constant presence on stage, and that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is almost ubiquitous on radio and music television. By Christmas 1991, Nevermind was selling 400,000 copies per week in the United States. On January 11, 1992, the album reached number one on the Billboard album charts, displacing Michael Jackson's album Dangerous. The album also topped the charts in various countries around the world. Cobain entered as one of the best songwriters of his generation at the age of 24.

This is the legendary and phenomenal album which later catapulted Nirvana into the universe of names of international music songs contained on this album tells the story of lead singer Tobi Vail girl punk band Bikini Kill, women who are highly favored Kurt even during the year 1990-1991. Almost all the songs that made always talked about Tobi, however Tobi was not able to fully accept Kurt.Kurt finally close to a woman named Courtney Love Hole vocalist of post punk and in the span of this year also continued to accompany live Kurt heroin.
Nevermind was released on 24 September 1991 album bercover unexpected picture of a baby who was diving has sold up to 500,000 keping.Pada Helloween day, October 31, 1991 Nirvana was awarded a gold record at this point that the entire radio America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Brazil and in other countries with simultaneous continuous play single Smells Like Teen Spirit.Kurt now no longer need to call the radio begging song video clip played Smells Like Teen Spirit had entered the air with the highest frequency in early 1992.

In Indonesia alone, the popularity of Nirvana successfully compete with the popularity of Guns N Roses, Metallica and Sepultura that at times it is very popular in January Indonesia. But Kurt was also addicted to heroin increasingly parah.Dalam a photocall Kurt could not even stand up straight and just bent over and menerus.Momen of this kind will continue to recur and coloring sheets career next Nirvana. Meanwhile, in April 1992 Nirvana for the first time appeared on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine.
Meanwhile, in July, Nevermind finally thrown out of the Billboard charts after entrenched there for nearly two out of the Billboard tahu.Ketika Nevermind has reached sales of 8 million copies worldwide.
Nirvana released the album In Utero was released in September 1993. The lyrics are very personal struggle of hidup.Nirvana also embarked on a tour to Europe and start the concert MTV Unplugged in New York and Europe in the winter of 1993.

On 3 March in Rome Italy at the five-star hotel Exelcior Kurt back parah.Ini overdose suicide attempt Kurt is the first looks of the piece of paper in the hands of Kurt in letter writing as Hamlet itu.Kurt I had to choose between life and death and I choose mortality events were spread among music media and fans around the world had even CNN reported that Kurt Cobain was dead.
Yet Kurt still followed the advice people - those closest to taking the program rehabilitasi.Pada March 30, 1994 Kurt flew to Los Angeles to attend the program at the Exodus Recovery Center recovery rehab for a drug addiction - drugs, but this only lasted two hari.Kurt run away and go buy a plane ticket to go back home to Seattle.

Meanwhile, Courtney panicked when he heard news of the escape Kurt.Ia afraid something bad will happen to Kurt for a few days before flying to Los Angeles to enter rehab Kurt reportedly had bought a gun at a gun store in Seattle. Kurt arrived at his home early Saturday 2 April 1994.Dia had met Michael Cali and Jessica Hopper bertuga two people who keep house together while Frances Courtney was in Los Angeles who was doing promo for the band's latest album, and track down Kurt.
After coming to the United States, Cobain became a hermit, he spent a lot of time alone with addiction narkobanya, getting worse and worse, and out of the clinic to the healing process, and often he escaped from the clinic because it is not strong and feel more crazy by his addiction.

Finally, 5 April, 1994, in a guest house behind their house in Seattle, Kurt Cobain committed suicide. He put the gun to his mouth and Shot, killing him instantly. He left a suicide note addressed to the fans, as well as his wife and daughters. Although the police officially declared her death by suicide, but there are some irregularities and possibly involved in the death of Cobain's Love, for evidence that had used her credit card spending, while Cobain was declared dead when the transaction is done. and nirvana have down

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