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Kurt Cobain Biography - The Legend Singer Of Nirvana

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | 0 comments

Kurt CobainBiographyany - Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 - ± 5 April 1994) is a singer, songwriter and guitarist in the Seattle grunge band, Nirvana. With the band's success, Cobain became a national and international celebrities, a position he assumed with a heavy heart.

Entering 1981, when 14-year-old Kurt interested in films he began making his own movies using his parents' video camera works mostly shades of dark and death of Kurt even made a film that played by him in which he made acting suicide by slashing Kurt's death pulse trend is also visible in a conversation with his friend John Fields where Kurt says that he wants to be a famous musician and later committed suicide in the midst of fame

In this period also began to recognize narcotics though Kurt has not reached an alarming stage Kurt uses drugs to help him forget the little psychological impact caused by his parents' divorce when he felt Kurt SMA started to move where he lived until his uncle decided to stay home Chuck also has a band Kurt then taught to play guitar by Warren Mason guitarist Kurt asked his uncle when it was taught to play the song Stairway To Heaven belongs to Led Zeppelin

The Melvins Concert is a local punk band origin Montesano changed their musical direction of The Melvins Kurt itself when it is so well respected in Montesano Aberdeen and Olympia vocalist Buzz Osborne recognize Kurt as a unique person commenting on the success of Nirvana Buzz says that Kurt was like a kid who did not have a future but the music then turn it into a millionaire
Kurt Cobain

Kurt and Krist debut occurred in March 1987 which also menasbihkan initial formation consisting of Kurt Nirvana Krist and a drummer named Aaron Burkhard At that time they had not used the name Nirvana there are many names that they use at the beginning of their careers, and they use it alternately each concert

Nirvana name emerged in 1988 when Kurt found the name of a television show that aired on midnight Buddhist program which means attainment of perfection in November 1988 the first single Love Buzz Nirvana was released on a limited circle Kurt himself who then handed one to her coffee KCMU radio to be played after that Kurt immediately listen to the radio and after many hours of nervous because the song was played by Kurt soon have to call from a public telephone and requesting the song itself then later the song airs one of the greatest ironies of a Rock Star at the beginning of his career was requesting their own songs on the radio

In early 1991 The band moved labels from Sub Pop to the DGC (David Geffen Company) a major label with a wider distribution and greater funding one of the most successful orbits DGC is Guns N Roses Nirvana also joined the Gold Mountain an artist management company in which the band Sonic Youth admired contemporary punk shelter Nirvana Kurt went on his way by releasing a second album called Nevermind was recorded in May 1991 and completed a month later
Kurt Cobain

This is the legendary and phenomenal album which later catapulted Nirvana into the universe of names of international music songs contained on this album tells the story of lead singer Tobi Vail girl punk band Bikini Kill Kurt woman highly favored even during the year 1990-1991 nearly all the songs he made was always telling about Tobi Tobi however it can not be fully accepted Kurt Kurt finally close to a woman named Courtney Love Hole vocalist of post punk and in the span of this year also continued to accompany live Kurt heroin

Nevermind was released on 24 September 1991 album bercover unexpected picture of a baby who was diving has sold up to 500,000 copies on the day of October 31, 1991 Nirvana, Helloween was awarded a gold record this moment all over American radio Europe Australia Japan Brazil and in other countries with simultaneous continuous play single Smells Like Teen Spirit, Kurt was now no longer need to call the radio begged her songs played video clips smeels Like Teen Spirit had entered the air with the highest frequency in early 1992

In Indonesia alone, the popularity of Nirvana successfully compete with the popularity of Guns N Roses Metallica and Sepultura that at times it is very popular in Indonesia, but in January it was also addicted to heroin Kurt is getting worse in a photo shoot Kurt could not even stand up straight and only bowed continuous torque of this kind will continue to recur and coloring sheets career next Nirvana

Kurt and Courtney were married on February 24, 1992 at the Waikiki Beach Hawaii when it already contains Courtney Meanwhile, in April 1992 Nirvana for the first time appeared on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine Finally, on August 18, 1992 at 7 am Kurt's daughter Frances Bean Cobain was one - only one was born in Cedars Sinai Hospital Los Angeles A birth is ironic because at the same time Kurt was also being treated at the same hospital at the drug rehab for addiction to heroin is getting worse
Kurt Cobain

Meanwhile, in July Nevermind finally thrown out of the Billboard charts after entrenched there for almost two years when out of the Billboard Nevermind has reached sales of 8 million copies worldwide
On 3 March in Rome Italy at the five-star hotel Exelcior Kurt again experienced a severe overdose suicide attempt Kurt's first look of a piece of paper in the hands of Kurt Kurt wrote in the letter as Hamlet I had to choose between life and death and I choose death events This was spread among music media and fans around the world had even CNN reported that Kurt Cobain was dead

Yet Kurt still followed the advice people - those closest to taking the rehabilitation program March 30, 1994 By Kurt flew to Los Angeles to participate in the recovery program at the Exodus Recovery Center a place of rehabilitation for drug addiction - drugs, but this only lasted two days Kurt escape and go buy a plane ticket to go back home to Seattle

Meanwhile, Courtney panicked when he heard the news he feared defection Kurt something bad will happen to Kurt for a few days before flying to Los Angeles to enter rehab Kurt reportedly had bought a gun at a gun store in Seattle

Kurt arrived at his home early on Saturday 2 April 1994 he had met Michael Cali and Jessica Hopper bertuga two people who keep house together while Frances Courtneyberada in Los Angeles who was doing promo for the band's latest album, and track down Kurt
Kurt Cobain

In 1991, the rise of Cobain's most famous song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, The firts marks a major change in the pop music of the kind of music popular in the 1980's as glam metal, arena rock, and dance-pop, to grunge and alternative rock.

Besides writing songs other instance Cobain About a Girl, Come as You Are, In Bloom, Lithium, Heart-Shaped Box, All Apologies, and Rape Me.
Cobain married Courtney Love on February 24, 1992 in Waikiki, Hawaii. On August 18, 1992, Frances Bean Cobain was born.

On March 1, 1994, after a concert in Munich, Germany, Cobain was diagnosed with bronchitis and severe laryngitis. He was flown to Rome the next day for treatment, and his wife joined on March 3.
Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

The next morning, Love waking up and finding Cobain was overdose with a blend of champagne and Rohypnol. He was rushed to the hospital and after five days there allowed to go home. Because these drugs problems, Cobain put rehab on March 30. On the night of April 1, Cobain came out for a smoke and then ran away from the home by climbing the fence. He then went to Seattle and disappeared.

On April 3, Love contacted a private investigator, Tom Grant, and hired him to find Cobain. On April 8, 1994, Cobain's body was found in a room above the garage of his home on Lake Washington by Veca Electric employee Gary Smith called. An autopsy later estimated Cobain died on April 5, 1994.
Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

A suicide note was found in his jacket pocket. In a letter that he wrote;
"As written by a moron heavyweight obviously more fit to be a complainer weak and childish. Letter was supposed to be easy to understand. All the warnings from the punk rock lessons for years. Following an introduction to the first, may be arguably, the values ​​of freedom and being bound by our community proved very timely. been too long I no longer feel pleasure in listening and composing as well as when I read and write. again I can not describe how I feel guilt over these things. example, when we got behind the stage and the lights began to shut down and the crowd began to scream hysterically, it did not affect me, like Freddie Mercury, who seemed to love, relish the love and adoration audience. something that made me really true awe and envy. problem, I can not lie to you. everything alone. was not fair to me or you. Crime largest ever do is deceive you by falsifying reality and pretend that I'm 100 percent enjoy the moment on the stage. Sometimes I felt that I should be forced to go onstage. And I've tried very hard to appreciate the force that, indeed, God believe me if I actually do it, but it was not enough. I accept the fact that I and we have affected and entertain a lot of people. But, I'm just a narcissist who only appreciate things when something just is not there anymore. I'm too sensitive. I need a bit of flavor to be felt again when I've got little pleasure. In our last three tours, I have a reward better for the people. So love it makes me feel very sad. I am Jesus man, a pisces are weak, sensitive, ungrateful, and sad. Why do not you enjoy it? Dont know. I have a wife who is like a goddess who sweats ambition and empathy and a daughter who reminds me of myself in the past. always full of love and joy, kissing anyone he encountered because he thinks everyone is good and will not hurt him. was scared that I could not do anything okay. Frances I can not imagine growing into foul Roker like self-destructive and pathetic as I am now. I can take it well, very well, and I'm grateful, but I've started to hate everyone since I was seven years old. Just because they look so easy to get along with, and empathize. Empathy! think it is because of love and the feelings that are too big on those. From basic mualku a burning stomach, I say thank you for your letters and concern during this time.'m just a child fickle and wishy-washy! There's no spirit left in me. So remember, it's better burn out, than fade away ".
Kurt Cobain kept in mind and inspire loyal fans, on May 13, 2010 - September 6, 2010, the Seattle Art Museum exhibition titled "Kurt" to pay their respects.
Kurt Cobain Wallpaper

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