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Jokowi Biography (Joko Widodo)

Saturday, January 26, 2013 | 1comments

Jokowi Biography (Joko Widodo)
BiographyanyGovernor - Jokowi is a prominent leader and Mayor of Solo commendable role promoting Esemka Cars. Ir. Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is the mayor of Surakarta (Solo) for twice the term of office 2005-2015. Deputy mayor is F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo. Jokowi born in Surakarta on June 21, 1961. Jokowi religion is Islam. Jokowi won elections in 2012 and stipulated As with Jakarta Governor of Jakarta. Many parties are optimistic with the performance and the representative Ahok Jokowi to improve the chaotic city of Jakarta.

Biography Jokowi (Joko Widodo)

Jokowi engineer degree from the Faculty of Forestry in 1985. When running for mayor of Solo, many doubted the ability of a man who is a merchant's house and garden furniture, and even up to the time he was elected. But a year after he led many progressive breakthrough made by him. He took the example of the development of many cities in Europe that often he visits in order to a business trip.

Under his leadership, Solo would change rapidly. Branding for the city of Solo performed by approving the motto "Solo: The Spirit of Java". Does progressive step enough for the size of the cities in Java: it is able to relocate the junk dealer in the Garden Banjarsari almost no turbulence to revitalize the function of open green land, provides qualified investors to want to think about the public interest, conduct regular direct and open communication (broadcast by local television) with the community. Balekambang Park, which displaced since abandoned by its administrators, maketh the park. Jokowi also did not hesitate to dismiss investor who does not agree with the principle of leadership. As a follow-up branding Surakarta he filed to become a member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities and accepted in 2006. The step continues with the success of Surakarta to host the organization's conference in October 2008. In 2007 Surakarta has also hosted the World Music Festival (FMD) which was held at Fort Vastenburg complex threatened to be evicted the business and shopping center. FMD in 2008 was held in the Palace complex Mangkunegaran.

Thanks to these achievements, Jokowi selected as one of "10 Leaders 2008" by the magazine Tempo.

Origin Name Nickname Jokowi

Joko Widodo

"Jokowi was the name of my buyers from France," says Mayor of Solo, Joko Widodo, when asked where the name appears Jokowi. He said, so many names with the first name Jim who became exporters of wooden furniture. Buyers from outside the confused to distinguish, that's what Joko Joko it. So, he keeps a special named, 'Jokowi'. The call is then attached to the present. In the card he gave a written, Jokowi, Solo Mayor. Later he checked, his name right in Solo Joko Widodo there are 16 people.

Currently, Jokowi served for the second period. Absolute victory obtained at the municipal elections last year. Name Jokowi now not only popular, but his personality is also appreciated by the public. At least, when going to the markets, traders abuzz call, or at least whisper to the next, "Eh .. it was Pak Joko."

How is it that he can be loved the Solo? Any policy that has made the people happy? Why did he have to step on their employees? Reuters reporters following interview, Pappilanda Ditto, with Jokowi recent travels throughout the half-day in around Solo.

What attitude do you bring in running career as a bureaucrat?
In principle, I only work for the people. Just that simple. I think baseball stuff, wong can not get anything. Want judged to be good, please, willing rated well, yes please. My job's just work. Nah no willingness sorts. Baseball had any target. Work. That's it.

Right, I do not heroics and exactly what we are doing even everyone can work on. Just, like baseball. Intentions baseball. That's it. Baseball goes high. Simple as that.

For example, five years ago, we in the district ID card service snafu. ID cards could be two weeks, it could be three weeks of completion. There is no clear time. Depending on who asks, can a week, two weeks could. However, by improving the system, will be able to change anything. Setting up the system, then implementing the system, and if there is a baseball would implement the system, yes, I stepped on.

Originally internal reaction how?
Yes always, resistance year ahead, but after that, well, ordinary. Everything that was normal, so everyone was pleased. Yes, we understand that this cake, it turned out so well be done.

To change the system ID, three headman me off, I dislodged the district. At that time, when the meeting followed by 51 village heads, village heads there are three that seem intent. Nah maybe an hour, sir, at least three days, they said. The next day the old man out of office. If I am, so alone. Meeting five district again, there is one district, hard pack, because they have data entry. Wow this is the same, lah. Yes, it is.

In fact, after they are gone, the system is able to walk. The entire district is now like a bank. There is no longer a gap between the public and employees, is open all. One hour has also been finished. Rupiah to be paid according to regulations, Rp 5,000.

You also had an interesting experience in handling Merchants Street Markets (PKL) who then many a reference?
Iya. Now many of the areas here, like changing the mindset. Oh apparently handling (PKL) be without a fight. It is not easy. Our experience at that time was to move street vendors in the district that has been used as a place Banjarsari selling even a place to stay for more than 20 years. The area was actually the elite, but as a trading place and a place to stay, that look is untidiness.

Five years ago, they invited me to eat here (meeting the mayor's office). I go to lunch, I invited dinner. I was talking to. Up to 54 times, I go to lunch, dinner, like this. Seven months like this. Finally, they want to move. Baseball goes in-gebukin.

Why it took seven months, why not in the first three months?
We see-saw the wind, lah. If you see, the first time I spoke to them here, they are all direct attach banners. Anyway, if removed, would fight to the death, nyiapin bamboo spears. In fact, no one threatened to burn the town hall.

The heat it until the meeting to what?
Still up to the 30th meeting. Meeting new 30-50 we speak. What they need, what they want, what they worry about. First, they asked the nine route public transportation to get to new areas. We give three public transit. The road is narrow, we are broadening.

The difficult part is, they want assurances turnover in the new as in the old. Well, what the mayor told to warrant such. My answer, sustenance above set, but four months later would I advertise on local television, in local newspapers, I put banners all over town. Finally, they want to move.

I prepare their emigration 45 truck, I tunggui two days, they moved on their own. Their emigration from the old place to the new place I relay the palace soldiers. This is baseball no matter where in the world. They brought cone one by one as a symbol of prosperity. That is, emigration happy. Place the old has become a green open space again.

Turnover in the new place?
Could four times. Could be asked to get there, do not ask me. But, yes there are approximately ten times, there are four times. An average of four times. There is a $ 300 million a month. It was not a street vendor again, shaking my head.

What about the other vendors?
After the ex-PKL Banjarsari move, not difficult to convince the others. Simply meeting three to seven times the meeting is over. Until now, we've moved 23 points PKL, no problem.

Lha a merchant even bother now relocated street vendors were asking. Those of us who do not have money. Until now, still 38 percent of street vendors who have not been relocated. So, if you still see the street vendors on the street or sidewalk, it was part of the 38 percent earlier.

Apparently, the empowerment of market concern you?
Dahlan Iskan dan Jokowi
Dahlan Iskan With Jokowi (joko widodo)
Oiya. We've been renovating 34 markets and build new markets in seven locations. If managed well, this market brings huge revenue.

Once, when I entered, the income of only $ 7.8 billion market, is now Rp 19.2 billion. Hotel only Rp 10 billion to Rp 5 billion restaurant, parking USD 1.8 billion, $ 4 billion in advertising. The result was only Rp 19.2 billion from Rp 2600 Daily retribution. Merchant a lot, really. This is a must see. Good management of origin, baseball loss we wake up the market. Underserved communities-traders, we can income like that.

Meanwhile, if the mall, I knew baseball, most IMB pay it, we want to pull what? Hence, we limit the mall too. So did we limit the hypermarket. In fact, I also stop minimarket permission. The plan will be used to open 60-80, but was not authorized by me. Now there are only a dozen.

But, it seems Klewer Market untapped yes, conditions are still not comfortable?
Klewer that, whoa. Duitnya big one. Yesterday, investors counted, Rp 400 billion. Money from where? Budget how twenty years, we want to find a moment what has not been met. Solo budget Rp 780 billion to Rp 1.26 trillion this year. We can not afford. Traders in Klewer more, 3000's traders, the market is also huge. There, the Solo many, many Sukoharjo, Sragen many, Jepara there, there Pekalongan, Tegal there. Batik from everywhere. But, I'm sure there jurusnya, just have not met aja.

Matter of education, in some areas has been done free education, whether at the Solo as well?
We're different. Here, we are issuing cards to students, there are platinum, gold, and silver. They are the most impoverished obtain a platinum card. They are free of everything from tuition to the needs of the school as well as operational costs. Then, it got all the gold, but not as much as platinum. So is the silver, just paid for local government for specific needs.

It also imposed for health?
Yes, there was a card like that, there are gold and silver. Gold is for those who enter the poorest of the poor. All free, inpatient care, dialysis and even the gold is also for free.

Apparently, now the people have confidence in you, but in the beginning was elected, many who doubt?
Well, one year, lah. His name is not yet known, I'm not a piece of mayor, skinny, ugly. I also never appeared in Solo baseball, especially my 100 per cent export business. There is a doubt, yes let alone, till now nothing about baseball. Want doubt, would assess ugly, it's up to people.

First, what is the intention initially be mayor?
Nah no intention, accident. Ndak know it. First, the first election, we can vote 37 percent, narrowly won. Wong I am not famous, really. The other well-known all right, my baseball. But, it seems people are lazy with famous people. Want to try the famous baseball. Trial and error, so I told the accident was that it was true.

What's the most memorable for you as mayor?
Most impressive? Most impressively, if first, right, mayor must formalize is the big thing. Inaugurating the biggest mall great example. But, now, gate, post ronda, my everything open, really. Post ronda'm open mayor, the mayor opened the gate, so what about the people who asked, open aja. Yes, sometimes funny too. But we enjoy.

What is the first difficulties you encounter while serving as mayor?
Problems rules. True. We are, if in business, looking as simple as possible, as efficiently as possible. But, we in government can not get, no stage rules. Though budget exist, baseball rules are met, can not get through. Should be, could we kerjain two weeks, had to wait two years. Many of the rules are just handcuff ourselves, too procedural. We are so the procedure.

What consideration when you are running for the second time?
Actually, I want baseball. Want to return to habitat carpenter. At that time, every day coming in droves various groups that pushed me forward again. They say, is the voice of the people. I think, this is nope, what is just political engineering. Two weeks of my leave, my giddy thinking that. I go home, OK I surveyed. My first survey, failure by 87 percent. Can not believe, I survey again, failure by 87 percent.

After the survey, I see, there really wishes of the people. So, who came to me was true. And it turned out I was able to almost 91 percent. I see no hope and expectations that are too large. My calculations are 65-70 per cent. Count on paper 65:35, or 60:40, approx.

There is no concern, when it takes office, all you wake up still awake?
First there is the blueprint, no concept plan of the city. At the very least, the new leader of baseball'll have to use 100 percent, 70 percent seenggaknya. Do not be, has SMP, back to kindergarten. I also have an obligation to prepare and tell what to do later.

Biodata Joko Widodo
Profil Jokowi

Name: Joko Widodo
Place Date of Birth: Surakarta, June 21, 1961
Religion: Islam
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Religion: Islam
Facebook Profile: Jokowi
Twitter account: jokowi_do2
Office Address: Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.. 2 Tel. 644 644, 642 020, Psw 400, Fax. 646 303
Home Office Address: Home Office Loji Gandrung Jl. No. Slamet Riyadi. 261 Tel. 712 004
HP. 0817441111

SDN 111 Tirtoyoso Solo
SMPN 1 Solo
SMAN 6 Solo
Faculty of Forestry UGM 1985 graduates


Founder of Small Industries Development Cooperative Solo (1990)
Head of Mining & Energy Surakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1992-1996)
Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Surakarta (2002-2007)

Joko Widodo selected as one of "10 Leaders 2008"
Being the best mayor in 2009
Pak Joko Widodo jg awarded Bung Hatta Award, for his leadership and his performance during the build and lead the city of Solo.
Surakarta University Eleven March (UNS) Award
Moreover, thanks to his leadership (and of course all those who helped), the city of Solo jg won many awards, among

Cities Pro-Investment of Regional Investment Board of Central Java
Child Friendly City of the State Ministry for Women's Empowerment
Nugraha rides from the Department of Transportation
Sanitation and Slum Settlement Arrangement of the Department of Public Works
Cities with Best Spatial-2 in Indonesia
Youtube Video Pak Jokowi in the show's Najwa

Jokowi running for Governor of DKI Jakarta DKI Jakarta finally won the elections with two rounds through the electoral process. On October 15, 2012, was sworn in as Gunernur Jokowi Jakarta. Congratulations on your election, and hopefully he can run well trust for the welfare of millions of people of Jakarta.

Jokowi Dan Ahok Pelantikan

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